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The Project

Every week we are looking out for SPECIAL Supercar requests and offers by private individuals and dealers. The Supercarplugger Team will then run a proper check on the request and offer approaches, in order to reassure the best and REAL deal to offer to our subscribers.

On Sunday evening at 6 PM all registered participants of the Supercarplugger Broadcastlists (Mail/Whatsapp) will receive the Request and Deal of the Week! From this time onwards, you will have 48 hours to get your hands on this special deal or request by contacting us via either WhatsApp, mail or DM on Instagram/Facebook. We will then go through all formalities in order to proceed by pairing up both parties. 

If there won’t be any interested subscriber out of our two broadcast lists until Tuesday 6PM, the deal will go online to be offered publicly via Instagram and Facebook.

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How to Subscribe

In case you would like to join our Supercar Trading Network, we do offer three options to subscribe:

  1. enter all required information to the contact form further down this page
  2. send us a mail confirming your request to be added to our Mail Broadcast List
  3. text us on WhatsApp confirming your request to be added to our Whatsapp Broadcast List

Please note that all incoming requests will only be considered when including your full name as well as the desired approach by Supercarplugger (Mail / Whatsapp).* No personal information will ever be forwarded without your individual permission. Please find more information on our data protection policy here

*Within 24 hrs after subscription, you will receive a confirmation on being added to the Network

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